Press comment for Indigestion

Witty, playful, and full of surprises, (and with good food) Indigestion was a big success in our RePlay Festival this year

Chris Honer, Artistic Director of Library Theatre Company

Indigestion is a very novel piece of work and proved to be a most enjoyable and thought provoking theatrical experience. I think it deserves its way to make its way in the world of Musical Theatre as it is exceptionally well conceived and deserves to be seen widely.

Professor Adam Gorb, Head of Composition – Royal Northern College of Music

Indigestion: A class act of intrigue, eavesdropping and banter that takes a dining experience to the next level. You don't have to be a Nutter to want to go, but you'd be a total Utter Nutter not to!!

Andrew Nutter, Celebrity Chef/Restaurateur

Indigestion is certainly an individual concept and as a first production it is something that New Space Productions should be proud of… [T[his is an idea that could be developed into something quite extraordinary. Recommended.

Will de Nardo, Mancunian Matters

This musical tantalises your taste buds and stirs up the artist in you. The singers are accompanied by violin, double bass and keyboard. I also enjoy the Gilbertian style, thought-provoking dialogue in Michael Betteridge and Derek Martin’s novel production, Indigestion, presented by New Space Productions as part of the Library Theatre’s Re:Play series[…]
Betteridge’s lovely tunes aid digestion, as the music is sweet, syncopated and futuristic… The aim of New Space is to showcase young talent and the cast are, indeed, both young and talented[…]
The Company provide a feast of entertainment and congratulations to the Lowry Restaurant for a meal to remember.

Julia Taylor, What’s on Stage

When strangers at your table suddenly burst into song about their private lives, you realise that everybody has an inner monologue running and a story to tell, just like you.
If you think you’ve got the stomach for a night of social suspense, stunning musical performances and some fantastic food, then start praying to the theatre gods that ‘Indigestion’ will be showing again soon.

Jack Wittels, The Manchester Review